Supreme Logistic Trucking

Your shipment.. our mission.. on time



Outsourcing your shipping with Supreme will allow your business to sell more and free up time for you as the business owner to work on what you are good at. Making products, selling products, manufacturing products, allowing you to grow your business. We handle:
  • Transportation
  • Supply Management
  • 3pl Services

Maxmizing Your Economic Reach

Software that keeps us and our customers connected in all platforms of e-commerce (Shopify, Etsy, Amazon, eBay, Crate, barrel, Walmart, big cartel) and a host of other small to medium shops throughout regional areas and overseas.


We handle a multitude of solutions for the shipping and logistics industry. We work on meeting the demands and needs of our customers to allow an easy flow of goods from start to destination. Our supply chain services allow our customers to focus on what they are good at  Making products and selling products.


As our customer you will be in the front seat of your inventory without worrying about driving. Our Custome warehouse management software keeps you up to date with the inventory you have, the products leaving out, the tracking of products real time and the delivery of said products up to the minute. Our system allows you to stay in charge of your products as we house and ship them.
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